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StageII-Colorectal-CT | Abdominal or pelvic enhanced CT images within 10 days before surgery of 230 patients with stage II colorectal cancer

DOI: 10.7937/p5k5-tg43 | Data Citation Required | Image Collection

Location Species Subjects Data Types Cancer Types Size Supporting Data Status Updated
Abdomen and Pelvis Human 230 CT Colorectal Cancer 7.31GB Software/Source Code Public, Complete 2022/04/11


This dataset includes abdominal or pelvic enhanced CT images within 10 days before surgery of 230 patients with stage II colorectal cancer (CRC). The inclusion criteria were as follows: (i) patients with radical surgery for CRC (complete removal of the original tumor and regional lymphadenectomy); (ii) patients with stage II CRC confirmed by histology and pathology; (iii) abdominal or pelvic enhanced CT examination was performed within 10 days before surgery, with complete CT enhanced scan images. The exclusion criteria were as follows: (i) preoperative treatment (neoadjuvant chemotherapy or radiotherapy); (ii) patients with another tumor diseases at the same time; (iii) patients who died within 1 month after surgery due to acute surgical complications. 

All CT images were enhanced abdominal or pelvic CT scan, which were scanned by using a Sensation 64 (Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen, Germany) CT scanner or Brilliance (Philips Healthcare, Best, The Netherlands) CT scanner. The specific scanning parameters were as follows: 120kV tube voltage, 200mA tube current, 5 mm slice thickness, 0.5s/week rack speed, 1.4 or 0.9 pitch, 4.11 cm field of view and a 512×512 matrix. 80-100ml iodine contrast agent ioprolamine was injected through the cubital vein at a speed of 2-3mL/s. CT enhanced images were collected after 65-75s contrast agent injection.

The digital CT images were retrieved from the picture archiving and communication system (PACS), and exported with digital imaging and communication in medicine (DICOM) format. Patient identifying information has been removed. The publishing of this dataset follows the ethical and privacy rules of China. Other researchers can further analyze these CT images of stage II colorectal cancer or use the data as validation sets for their studies.

Data Access

Version 2: Updated

Repaired a byteswap error in the pixels to produce clearer images.

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230 230 230 13,850 CC BY 4.0

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Data Citation

Tong T., Li M. (2022) Abdominal or pelvic enhanced CT images within 10 days before surgery of 230 patients with stage II colorectal cancer (StageII-Colorectal-CT) [Dataset]. The Cancer Imaging Archive. DOI: 


We would like to acknowledge the individuals and institutions that have provided data for this collection:

  • This project was funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant number: 81971687).

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Publication Citation

Li, M., Gong, J., Bao, Y., Huang, D., Peng, J., & Tong, T. (2022). Special issue “The advance of solid tumor research in China”: Prognosis prediction for stage II colorectal cancer by fusing computed tomography radiomics and deep‐learning features of primary lesions and peripheral lymph nodes. In International Journal of Cancer. Wiley.

TCIA Citation

Clark, K., Vendt, B., Smith, K., Freymann, J., Kirby, J., Koppel, P., Moore, S., Phillips, S., Maffitt, D., Pringle, M., Tarbox, L., & Prior, F. (2013). The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA): Maintaining and Operating a Public Information Repository. In Journal of Digital Imaging (Vol. 26, Issue 6, pp. 1045–1057). Springer Science and Business Media LLC.

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