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DOI: 10.7937/K9/TCIA.2016.6046GUDv | Data Citation Required | Image Collection

Location Species Subjects Data Types Cancer Types Size Status Updated
Prostate Human 26 MR, Pathology Prostate Cancer 3.6GB Public, Complete 2011/06/30


This collection of prostate Magnetic Resonance Images (MRIs) was obtained with an endorectal and phased array surface coil at 3T (Philips Achieva). Each patient had biopsy confirmation of cancer and underwent a robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy. A mold was generated from each MRI, and the prostatectomy specimen was first placed in the mold, then cut in the same plane as the MRI. The data was generated at the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, USA between 2008-2010.


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Data Access

Version 1: Updated 2011/06/30

Title Data Type Format Access Points Subjects Studies Series Images License
Download requires NBIA Data Retriever
26 26 182 22,036 CC BY 3.0
Histopathology Images Pathology JPG
Download requires IBM-Aspera-Connect plugin
26 26 26 26 CC BY 3.0

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The NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) provides access to additional data and a cloud-based data science infrastructure that connects data sets with analytics tools to allow users to share, integrate, analyze, and visualize cancer research data.

Citations & Data Usage Policy

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Data Citation

Choyke P, Turkbey B, Pinto P, Merino M, Wood B. (2016). Data From PROSTATE-MRI. The Cancer Imaging Archive.

Detailed Description

Note from the investigators: The DICOM elements for these values may no longer exist within the files themselves but: the b values are 0, 188, 375, 563, 750 for the diffusion weighted MRI of that dataset.

Update May 2018: The download of these data is no longer Limited to users with specific permission from the PIs of the Collection.

Other Publications Using this Data

TCIA maintains a list of publications that leverage TCIA data. If you have a manuscript you’d like to add please contact TCIA’s Helpdesk. Below is a list of such publications using this Collection:

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TCIA Citation

Clark, K., Vendt, B., Smith, K., Freymann, J., Kirby, J., Koppel, P., Moore, S., Phillips, S., Maffitt, D., Pringle, M., Tarbox, L., & Prior, F. (2013). The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA): Maintaining and Operating a Public Information Repository. In Journal of Digital Imaging (Vol. 26, Issue 6, pp. 1045–1057). Springer Science and Business Media LLC.