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ISBI-MR-Prostate-2013 | NCI-ISBI 2013 Challenge: Automated Segmentation of Prostate Structures

DOI: 10.7937/K9/TCIA.2015.zF0vlOPv | Data Citation Required | Analysis Result

Cancer Types Location Subjects Related Collections Size Supporting Data Updated
Prostate Prostate 80 611.75MB Prostate structure segmentations 2015/08/20


This data set was created for use in the NCI-ISBI 2013 Challenge – Automated Segmentation of Prostate Structures.  The challenge data set was divided into 3 parts including training, leaderboard and test data sets.  This allowed participants to prepare their algorithms and test their results prior to submitting to a final test phase for selecting the winner.

Image data were selected from PROSTATE-DIAGNOSIS and Prostate-3T collections on TCIA.  Cases consist of axial scans with half obtained at 1.5 T (Philips Achieva) with an endo-rectal receiver coil (fromBostonMedicalCenter) and the other half at 3T (Siemens TIM) with a surface coil (from Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre [RUNMC],Netherlands). They were acquired as T2-weighted MR axial pulse sequences with either 4 mm thick slices at 3T or 3 mm thick at 1.5T. Each file contains nearly all DICOM acquisition parameters except tags that specifically identify Private Health Information.

Each case has had central gland (CG) and peripheral zone (PZ) outlines marked by Drs. Nicolas Bloch (Boston University School of Medicine) and Mirabela Rusu (Case Western University) or Drs. Henkjan Huisman, Geert Litjens, or Jurgen Futterer at RUNMC Netherlands.

Data Access

Version 1: Updated 2015/08/20

Title Data Type Format Access Points Subjects Studies Series Images License
NCI Challenge Data - Training NRRD and ZIP 60 CC BY 3.0
NCI Challenge Data - Leaderboard NRRD and ZIP 10 CC BY 3.0
NCI Challenge Data - Test NRRD and ZIP 10 CC BY 3.0
Source Image Data - Training MR DICOM 60 60 60 1,555 CC BY 3.0
Source Image Data - Leaderboard MR DICOM 10 10 10 261 CC BY 3.0
Source Image Data - Test MR DICOM 10 10 10 271 CC BY 3.0

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Data Citation

Bloch N, Madabhushi A, Huisman H, Freymann J, Kirby J, Grauer M, Enquobahrie A, Jaffe C, Clarke L, Farahani K. (2015). NCI-ISBI 2013 Challenge: Automated Segmentation of Prostate Structures. The Cancer Imaging Archive.

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TCIA Citation

Clark, K., Vendt, B., Smith, K., Freymann, J., Kirby, J., Koppel, P., Moore, S., Phillips, S., Maffitt, D., Pringle, M., Tarbox, L., & Prior, F. (2013). The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA): Maintaining and Operating a Public Information Repository. In Journal of Digital Imaging (Vol. 26, Issue 6, pp. 1045–1057). Springer Science and Business Media LLC.

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