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Image Submissions

Requesting Permission to Upload Your Data

The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) is intended to be a resource to the wider imaging research community.  Proposals for additional data submissions are welcomed and encouraged.  The CIP Informatics Team will be glad to work with you to evaluate the suitability of your data to this archive. Please note, cost-recovery arrangements may be necessary for data contributions in some circumstances.

Determining if your data fits our mission

Our goal in providing this service is to ensure that every image collection in the archive is one that would be of value to one of our target audiences. These include researchers with the following objectives:

  • Meeting the data sharing requirements set forth by an NCI grant or contract award
  • Sharing data for analyzing imaging features to be used as biomarkers
  • Sharing data for comparing image features to other data types such as genetics, pathology, or clinical information to create correlative signatures as biomarkers
  • Sharing data for the creation of automated or semi-automated algorithms for detection of cancer
  • Sharing data as a reference collection for testing and validating quantitative analysis techniques or algorithms in image processing
  • Sharing data with unique characteristics for clinical training

Starting the submission process

If you feel that you have data at your institution which could be useful to the wider community, or which you would like to share privately with a collaborating institution as part of an NCI grant please email the CIP Informatics team to begin discussions about how we can help address your needs. Once we have determined your data set is an appropriate fit for the archive we will initiate the processes outlined in the section on What to Expect as an Image Provider.